Discover SAH Diagnostics Pioneering Excellence in Healthcare Solutions

SAH Diagnostics was born out of the dire need for high quality and time-efficient support to the NHS. We wanted to fill in the void needed to boost our healthcare system and tackle the backlog and waiting list for NHS trusts in the UK, especially in the wake of the devastating burden created by the COVID19 Pandemic. SAH Diagnostics was established in 2020 by Mr Feroz Agad, an experienced healthcare leader with over 21+ years of expertise in countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Middle East, Turkey and other regions.

We aim to provide top-notch diagnostic care alongside our award-winning team of clinicians and fill in the vacancy created by the lack of reliable and expeditious services within the private healthcare sector. By working side by side with the NHS, we ensure that we not only improve patient satisfaction, but also significantly reduce diagnostic waiting times especially to those in need of crucial and urgent care.

We at SAH aim to revolutionize healthcare for the better.

SAH provides 4 tiers of services:

  1. Mobile and Modular diagnostic services including Urology, Radiology, Mobile/Modular MRI, Ultrasound, X-Ray, Mobile Mammography, Mobile DEXA, Colposcopy, Dermatology and more.
  2. Insourcing Solutions – Provide skilled and highly trained clinic staff through insourcing facilities for your Trusts.
  3. Design and operate Community Diagnostic Centers through collaboration with the NHS.
  4. End to End Services – Provide complete end to end patient pathway service starting from GP referral → Bookings → Imaging → Biopsy → Histopathology → MDT
  5. Treatment – Ultimately, initiate future pathway to patient treatment and other services.


Section 8: About the Founder

Mr Feroz Agad is an accomplished executive, investor and entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience of managing multimillion-dollar corporations in industries including healthcare, information technology, real estate, communications, and tourism. Mr. Agad has pioneered the development of many cutting-edge forward-looking technologies such as the establishment of internet kiosks (1999), the establishment of ADLSAI (2000) a satellite based broadband service provider in remote locations much before broadband access was available to many parts of the world. Through ADLSAT the company partnered to bring Healthcare Kiosk hubs to remote areas in Africa and various parts of the Asian Sub-Continent which included India and Pakistan. In 2004, Mr. Agad established SAH Global with the vision of using the company as a catalyst to bring cutting edge healthcare technology to the developing world. SAH Diagnostics was founded by him with the aim to provide cutting edge medical treatment to patients in need. In his fight against cancer, Mr. Agad has particularly impacted the Industry of Radiation Oncology (Proton Therapy & Boron Neutron Capture Therapy), Radiopharmaceutical Production, and Molecular Diagnostic Imaging and has demonstrated an exceptional spirit of innovation to ensure patients from across the world have access to best treatment available. Mr. Agad presently sits on the board of directors of four companies, one of which is publicly traded, and sits on two advisory boards for a non-profit humanitarian organization as well as a committee on education. On June 2019, Mr. Agad was appointed to the Board of Neutron Therapeutics, a company that is developing the next generation of equipment using Boron Neutron Capture Therapy for cancer patients. On November 2018, Mr. Feroz Agad was awarded with a Top 50 Smart Healthcare Leaders Award by the Smart Health Conference.