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SAH Diagnostics continues to deliver multiple services across 21 NHS Trusts and have attended over 150,000 procedures within the first two years of operations. We exist to support the NHS with high quality care, increased capacity and solutions to enhancing the patient journey.

Insourcing mobile facilities support with capacity challenges

A full-service partner providing equipment and consumables to ensure uninterrupted services

Solution-based services offer rapid mobilisation, swiftly responding to capacity demands

Industry-leading procurement streamlines supply chain management with efficient frameworks

Full medical malpractice insurance ensures protection for both SAH clinical staff and patients

HSJ Gold Award winners for Most Effective Contribution to Improving Cancer Outcomes


SAH Diagnostics leads the way in innovation, offering a wide range of healthcare solutions aimed at revolutionising the patient journey. Our dedication goes beyond diagnostics; we seamlessly integrate into existing healthcare environments, prioritising a holistic approach to patient well-being.

Worlds First Mobile Urology Unit

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